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Based in Paris, New York and Bahrain, Abdulla Al Khalifa, is a true contemporary dandy. Discover his elegant and refined style, with a modern touch of sophisticated leisure wear. 


Location:  Paris / New York / Bahrain


Description of personal style: I like tailored pieces but also tend to mix it with sports wear. I call it Dandy goes to the gym.


Iconic garment: Chanel jackets. My most iconic piece, however, is my customized Piaget watch with my Grandfather’s image on the watch face. Everyone in my family has a piece, so it carries sentimental value.


Advice on style: I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but every man should own the right leather jacket. Everyone’s body is different, so tailoring is a must.


Favourite spots in Paris: One word – Flore.


Favourite restaurant or café: Again, Cafe de Flore. It’s basically my Paris office.


Piece of reading: Assouline for beautiful coffee table books and I religiously purchase V Magazine.

Daily routine: Usually I wake up around 9, do some business over the phone since most of my network is in Bahrain, then meet friends for lunch/dinner, and usually end my day at Flore catching up with friends from out of town. Every week is something new, which is one of the main reasons why I love this city.


Morning ritual: I start every morning with a large bottle of water infused with lemon and honey, and some Apple TV.


Night out: I’m not much of a night owl these days. Unless it’s fashion week, I’m usually in bed by 12.

Favourite item: My Hermes HAC.


Admired person: My mother and my best friend, Hajeer. Two people I can always look up to.


Next destination: L.A.

1. "V" Magazine 2. Assouline table coffee books 3. Bespke made to measure coat 4. Hermes HAC travelling bag 5. Apple TV

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