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           material alchemist, in an universe of chaos and clutter... the young designer established himself as one of the creative minds of Swatch, designing tangible objects for the space of memory. Starting his career with jewellery, at the age of 24, he wins the International Talent Support Swatch Award. His simple and sculptural designs tell us a story belonging out of this world, while organically fusing nature with technology, emitting own unique and unquenchable radiance. But what's most inspiring to me is how naturally he carves his own path in this life, not settling for the ordinary.


After many years I had the pleasure to meet again Milko in the city he is based now - Zürich, the birthplace of dada. going back in time, back to the roots of avant-garde in cabaret voltaire, we talked about his creative path, an immersion of his past, present and future, questioning the whole idea of the new creative arts.


This interview is devoted to all people who dare to dream.

‘For me everything is a miracle, and I believe in that miracle in the same way 

that I believe in myself.’ 

Portrait of Milko Boyarov

Illustrated by Katarzyna Jagielnicka for Noir Catcher

Where does your inspiration come from? 


My inspiration comes from many and differnet things. I find  mostly inspiration in sea creatures, tentacles and aliens, as well in other design fields, theatre and architecture. 


What lays at the hart of your creative work? 


It is really hard to define, but it is most of the time connected to sleepless nights and a constant doubt.  


How did Vogue Talent and International Talent Support change your life? 


International Talent Support helped me a lot. It was an amazing experience. I could represent my work in front of super important people from the industry. Thank to International Talent Support my work got featured in DAZED, Vogue and many other magazines..


What is your design language?  


I hope simple and understandable.






















On the path of your career development and busy creative life, you never gave up on your passion of jewellery.  


Yes, I always try to find time and make small collections or to collaborate with fashion designers. 

What is your favourite jewellery design of yours, the one you feel most emotionally connected to, and why? 


Hmmm… It is really hard to tell, but I think the piece that I developed for Swatch is definitely part of my favourites, and to be honest I have no idea why. 


How do you nurture your creativity and keep it alive?


By never stop doing projects and working with other people. 

How do you envision the future of design?


I really hope that the future of design will still be connected to high quality hand crafted products. I hope that. 

How is technology pushing the boundaries of design?

It does push a lot of boundaries. Thing happen faster and easier, in a way everything is more accessible.

What is the new adventure of a designer in the digital era?


To know how to use all the possible tools in order to build up a contemporary design product.

What is your feeling about 3d printing and craftsmanship? Can a creation still be divine, lacking the human touch?


I like 3d printing as long it is needed and there is a reason for it. I think that 3D printed objects can be quite pretty but it also depends on what king of technology you will use afterwards to finish your product. On the other hand I believe that craftsmanship will never die or be less admired just because of the 3d technology.


“I always try to leave

only the essential.” 

How hard is to move from Bulgaria to the big stage of international design? What does it cost, what are the sacrifices? 


I can not say that it was hard, I think it came naturally.

It has cost me a lot of sleepless nights, mistakes and trials. At the end I believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from and the only thing that matters is what you have in your portfolio and the way it is presented.  

What vibes does the city of Zurich bring to you? 


Living in Zurich has a lot of advantages. Working here gives you certain stability and also the fact that it is the centre of Europe makes it easy to travel around. Zurich has one of the best platforms for contemporary art which I appreciate a lot.


Does your beauty lay in simplicity? What is your definition of it? 


I guess so. I prefer minimal and bold shapes and therefore I always try to leave only the essential. 

How do you express yourself through watch design? 


I always try to tell a story with my designs or to transfer a concept in that limited space.


What is the feeling when you see someone on the street wearing your creation? 


It is good for the ego (laughs), apart from that it makes me super happy to see that people enjoy my products.

What would you advice any young design professional?


By never stop doing projects and working with other people. 


What is your Mantra?


For me everything is a miracle, and I believe in that miracle in the same way that I believe in myself.


What is your next great ambition?


To take my brand to a higher level and to expand the stores where you can buy my products.


What about wildest wish?


I am not sure if it is connected to work at the moment.


How do you envision the creative stage in Sofia in the near future? Do you have any plans for going back? 


I am super happy that I come from Sofia and back to the day when I was living there I had the chance to collaborate with one of the best photographers, stylist and hair and make up artists from whom I learned a lot.  I think that Sofia as a creative stage as growing super fast and can offer a lot. Coming to the question if I want to come back… maybe one day… who knows. (smilies.)

milko's sketches of 'magma skin' project

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