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On our way to Côte d’Azur we met Alice, a charming delicate creature, book lover, fashion voyeur, traveler and most of   all – a dreamer.


Welcome to her Wonderland.


Location: Wonderland


State of mind: Variable


If you were a sound, you would be: Rain


A record that changed the way you hear music: Boogie Belgique – Forever & Ever


Currently watching, reading, listening: Right now I am watching to a Russian TV show called “Kitchen” ( I am trying to improve my Russian), I am reading “The mastery of love” by Miguel Angel Ruiz and I am listening to Sam Smith.


Someone you would like most to go on a tête-à-tête: My grandfather, wish he was still alive

Your style icon: A bit of Audrey, a bit of Bardot and a little bit of Grace.


Description of personal style: Casual


Iconic accessory: Sunnies, I never go out without mine


Favorite spots: Villefranche-sur-Mer, Florence, London

There is too much of or too little of: There is too much of cynicism and too little honesty


What would like to leave to future generations: Most of all I want my kids (my future ones) to be good people


Loyal to: My heart and family


Wildest wish: To swim with dolphins


Next destination: Vienna, Austria


In pursuit of: Love

1. Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Love Bite’ lipstick 2. Chuck Taylor canvas Converse high-top sneakers 3. Illesteva’s round-frame ‘Leonard’ sunglasses 4. ‘The Little Price’,Antoine de Saint-Exupery 5. Roses Diptyque Candle

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