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fashion illustrator


ALINA ZAMANOVA's Self Portrait 



Location: kiev, ukraine 


State of mind: freedom


Artistic Expression: emotional 


If you were a sound, you would be: spring bird


A record that changed the way you hear music: patti smith


Style Icon: patti smith


Currently watching, reading: "how to fight fear" ; jean cocteau movies


Someone you would like most to go on a tête-à-tête: margiela


ALINA ZAMANOVA's A3 prints, which can be ordered at


Description of personal style: comfortable with an attitude


The fragrance that always accompanies you: bottega veneta


Iconic accessory: chrome hearts rings


Favorite spots: london in general


A Destination: to work hard and share my vision


Morning ritual: coffee and breakfast


Daily routine: studio time, painting, coffee breaks


ALINA ZAMANOVA launched her brand with an Art clothing Line, that worked as the canvas to an Artist. In collaboration with London based designer BIANCA THOYER-ROZAT.


There is too much of or too little of:  too many thoughts in my head


What would like to leave to future generations: my artwork


On Style: comes from within


On Family: the most important to me


Loyal to: your opinion 


Wildest wish: make a lot of tattoos 


Your mantra: live at the present moment, not yesterday nor tomorrow


Next extravaganza: my brand development for next season


In pursuit of: inspiration always








1. "XoXo" Coffee Cup, Make International 2. "Shoot The Moon" Lighter, St. Dupont  

3. Sketchbook  4. "Orphee" by Jean Cocteau 5. Perfume Eau Legere Bottega Veneta

6. iPhone 7. Watercolor Paints 

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