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azeri born gemologist rubina asadova is a manager of the fine diamond jewelry company de beers in baku, azerbaijan. her name reflects her personality - bright, desirable and rare to find. Meeting her was like a glimpse from the past fused with a contemporary spirit. What grabbed us about her was not only the supernatural beauty, but her charisma and sincere style. Free spirited and open minded, she shares her tender vintage soul with us. now it's time to put on shirley bassey's vinyl and listen to "diamonds are forever", remembering the class and elegance lost in time, feeling the special allure of ruby.

Portrait of Rubina Asadova
Illustrated by Katarzyna Jagielnicka
Courtesy of Noir Catcher

Location: milan/london/baku

State of mind: purple

If you were a sound you would be: silence. silence is sexy.


A record that changed the way you hear music: Bach "G minor" and Nina Simone's "Wild is a wind".


Your Style Icon: Never liked the word Icon, I would replace it with the word inspiration, in which case - my grandmother’s photo-albums. They stand next to my coffee table books.


Your hobby: Funnily enough, film making. I started experimenting at the age of 10 and this interest only grew ever since.


Someone you would like most to go on a tête-à-tête: Charles Frank Bolden Jr., a current administrator of NASA





Description of personal style: Perhaps a fusion of Tribal, Vintage and Conservative. I never stop exploring and mixing. I don’t take my style seriously, yet it’s one of the best ways I can show my admiration to various cultures and time periods.


On Style: Dynamic


Favorite jewelry: De Beers Aura 3 carat Cushion Ring

The fragrance that always accompanies you: Vanilla


Currently watching, reading ,listening: rewatching Kusturica’s Arizona Dream, listening to Iggy Pop “In the death car”, reading The Orientalist by Tom Reiss, and I highly recommend it.


 Favorite spots: Tommi’s Burger Joint (favorite Sunday family spot) in London, Palais de Tokyo in Paris (perfect in autumn), and in summer - Sea Satin in Mykonos.


A Destination: Road trip in Africa

Morning ritual: Mornings I dedicate to my family, everyday waking up to 295 WhatsApps in our family group chat. Once I reply them all I can start my day.


Daily routine: I avoid routines; need to feel absolutely free, even within the working environment. My days are never similar; I can fall asleep in one country and wake up in another.


There is too much of or too little of:  too much of herd mentality, too little of individuality.   


What would like to leave to future generations:

A powerful movie about our generation.














On Family: who I was, who I am now and who I will be…


On Love: Nabokov’s “It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight”

Favourite love couple: Sean Penn and Madonna in the 90’s


Loyal to: my Dreams


Your Mantra:  Whatever happens, happens for a good reason


Next extravaganza: My own jewelry line


Wildest wish: To make magic


In pursuit of: Enlightenment, always…   

Rubina Asadova
Courtesy of Pier Nicola Bruno

1. Chanel Bag Jeans Collection 2. Tribal American Jewelry 3. Jane Birkin 4. Skiing 5. Vynils

6. Postcard from Cuba 7. De Beers Aura 3 carat Cushion Ring 8. Ballet/Maya Plisetskaya 9. Nemo  

10. Berenford London 'Mayfair' Eyewear 11. Oreo Nike Roshes


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