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Thank you for considering submitting your work to Noir Catcher. We are always looking for single images and feature worthy series, as well as covers, picture essays, and photographic collections that explore and interpret our complex relationships with the natural world and implement social within art. 

The most important thing we can suggest is that you know Noir Catcher and consider that your work is appropriate for our pages. Though the subjects we explore vary widely and our needs are very broad. Suggested topics are:

“Fragility of Time”, "Sacred Nature”, “Space Oddities” ,“Cosmic Truth”, “Tender Is the Night”, “Rawness”, "Beauty of the Past", "Enhanced Awareness" , "Utopias", Subconscious desires", "Purity", "Aura" . We do tolerate pictures involving partial nudity, but they need to be very sensual and subtle, not provocative. The addictiveness of these photos should be underwritten not by simple nudity but by dreamy narratives that perpetuate a sense of mystery, wanderlust and purity. Conceptual work is welcomed These are no strict rules and if they were we’d always be happy to break them, but they do objectively describe most of how we’re using what we’re using at the current time.

If your visual work is not photographical and you feel your creation will help fulfill our broader editorial mission, please feel free to email it to us and we may consider it.


Following these guidelines is a requirement to ensuring your work is considered for publication. High-res jpeg images via a web-gallery is required. Please prepare your image gallery, upload to an online lightbox (or other accessible, online location), and submit an e-mail with a short description of the project (no more than 100 words), a short bio of the artist (no more than 100 words), and the corresponding online gallery/lightbox link. Please do not add your media submissions as an e-mail attachments. We simply do not have the e-mail server capacity to handle the volume of submissions via attachments, hence the requirement for a link to your imagery hosted somewhere on the web.

Looking forward to receiving your visual brainchilds. Let's co-create something beautiful!

PS. You can have a look at out our inspirations and philosophy

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